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What Our Class Is About

All four Gospels in the Bible describe the story of the life of Christ (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) and are inspired, critically important, and able to stand alone. Each was written to a particular audience to portray a unique aspect of Jesus' life. When these four reports are combined into one complete flowing narrative, we gain new insights. This combined account gives us the chronological order of every known fact about Jesus' life and the teachings found in the four Gospels including every chapter and verse with nothing added and nothing left out.

Join us in "Our Sunday Class"

Dan & Leelee Rodden

The New Testament Book Of Hebrews Tells Us To Focus On "The Life Of Christ" And To Love & Worship God

We study "The Life Of Christ In Stereo" because He is greater than Angels, Moses & The Law, All Priests, and ALL OTHER SACRIFICES. JESUS THE CHRIST (MESSIAH) is The One we are to be like and to WORSHIP.